All players are required to know and obey the following rules:

1. Do NOT Abuse (every type of abuse will be punished, including rank abuse)

Punishment: Jail/Demote

2. Don't beg (you can apply on site)

Punishment: MUTE/Jail 1 hour

3. Do not advertise

Punishment: PERMANENT BAN!

4. Do not use any hacks / bugs that can give you an advantage!

Punishment: JAIL 1-7 DAYS

5. If you are suspected of hacking, an admin will need to verify you on discord (screenshots required!)
If you leave the server without verification, the punishment will be double!

Punishment: JAIL 3 days

6. Do not create sexual releted buildings

Punishment: JAIl 12-48 hours

7. Do not scam other players on trades

Punishment: JAIL 24 hours 

8. Do not trap other players or tpa+kill

Punishment: JAIL 12-48 hours

9. Do not spam or use CAPS

Punishment: 5-30 MINUTES

10. Do not swear/insult/harass other players on server chats!


Staff rules:

1. Use a strong password (8+ characters, symbols)

2. Don't share your account

3. Don't sell your account

4. Don't abuse

5. Password need to be different from other servers

6. If someone knows/changes your password notify server Owner!