Rank Application


Note: Applicants must have at least 4 game hours on section where they apply for rank.

1) Minecraft Username: -

2) What rank you apply for?: -

3) Age: - 

4) Do you own an official Minecraft license ?: - (Yes / No)

5) How many years of Minecraft experience: -

6) Have you ever had ranks on other Minecraft servers? If yes, what ranks on when? Provide details.: -

7) Have you read the server Rules?: - (Yes / No)

8) How long have you been active on mcland.org/mc.redpoint.ro/minecraftserver.ro : -

9) Give a short description of your daily activities on minecraft server (minimum 20 words): -

10) Why do you think you are a good team member? : (minimum 10 words) -

11) Why do you think you are the right person for this rank? : (minimum 10 words)  -

12) Describe our current helper members in your own words: (minimum 10 words)  -

13) Why do you want to help us?: (minimum 10 words)  -

14) How many votes have you given to our server until now? [use: /vote]: -

15) If you'll be accepted, are you sure you have the knowledge and skils to help other players?: -

16) What is your nickname on our Discord channel? (https://discord.gg/EmkTsq8)

17) If you'll be accepted as Staff/Builder, how many hours can you be daily active?: -

18) Section you apply for rank: (only 1)

19) Where are you from

* If you are accepted, you'll be evaluated in a 3 days rank Test.

Answer the above questions and send your application on contact page or on Discord.