Frequently Asked Questions

How to register?

Step 1:

Type the command: "/register <password> <passwordconfirm>"

Choose a strong password (8+ characters, symbols)

Step 2 (Optional):

Add your email for extra security: "/email add <validEmail> <validEmailConfirm>"

If you forgot your password, before logging in you can do: "/email recover" then check your email.

How to login:

Use command "/login <password>"


How to join to a server/minigame?

To join a server/minigame, you need to use the compass or the NPCs in the lobby.


How can i vote?

To vote, type /vote in-game command, click the link and click YES.


Can i be a staff member?

Sure, we are looking for new staff and builders. If you have experience you can apply on discord.


I can't execute /hub command while in a minigame, why?
When you are in a minigame, /hub doesn't work. Only /quit command.


What is "FUNPACK" ?

Funpack is a menu full of gadgets, pets, particles, etc.
For a limited time it's FREE!


What can i do with crate keys?

You can open different crates.


What is the difference between GAMEMODES and MINIGAMES?

Gamemodes are different servers with different mods with a specific theme.

Minigames are in the lobby and they short as duration.


[PRISON] What are tokens?

Tokens are the new prison curency.
You can get tokens by opening daily crate and voting.

With tokens you can enchant or items via /enchant.